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Unleashing Lucario’s Aura Sphere: Learnings, Eligibility, And More!




An image capturing the electrifying essence of Lucario's Aura Sphere: a focused beam of blue energy pulsating from its palms, surrounded by a swirling aura, showcasing its immense power and mystique

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Unleashing Lucario’s Aura Sphere is like harnessing a hidden power, a force of nature that surges through this formidable Fighting-type Pokémon.

In the world of Pokémon, Aura Sphere is a move sought after by trainers for its unrivaled accuracy and devastating impact. But learning this move is no easy feat; it requires a deep understanding of Lucario’s evolution, alternative training methods, and the specific conditions that must be met.

In this article, we dive into the depths of Lucario’s aura, exploring its learnings, eligibility, and more!

Key Takeaways

  • Lucario can learn Aura Sphere at different levels depending on the game version.
  • Riolu evolves into Lucario under specific conditions, such as friendship or leveling up during the daytime.
  • Aura Sphere can be learned through methods like using TM or breeding.
  • Aura Sphere has a base power of 80 and perfect accuracy, making it a highly effective move.

Learning Level

I can learn Aura Sphere when my Lucario reaches level 42 in most games, including Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, my Lucario can learn Aura Sphere at level 37.

It’s important to note that in order for my Riolu to evolve into Lucario, it needs to meet certain conditions, such as friendship or leveling up during the daytime. Interestingly, in the anime, Lucario can use Aura Sphere even before evolving.

This special move can also be learned through different methods, such as using a TM or breeding. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, I can teach my Lucario Aura Sphere by using TM19. It’s an incredible move with a base power of 80 and perfect accuracy.

Aura Sphere is a ranged move that never misses its target, making it extremely reliable in battles.

Alternative Methods

Discover the hidden paths that lead to Lucario’s mastery of the powerful fighting technique, unveiling new avenues beyond the traditional methods.

When it comes to learning Aura Sphere, Lucario has alternative methods that go beyond leveling up. One such method is through breeding compatibility. By breeding Lucario with a compatible Pokémon, it is possible for the offspring to inherit Aura Sphere. This opens up new possibilities for Lucario trainers who are looking to strengthen their team.

Additionally, in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through TM19. This means that trainers can teach Lucario this move without having to rely solely on leveling up.

These alternative methods provide flexibility and allow Lucario to access Aura Sphere in different ways, enhancing its battling capabilities.

Effectiveness and Eligibility

When it comes to the effectiveness of Aura Sphere and Lucario’s eligibility to learn it, specific conditions must be met such as reaching a certain level or breeding with a compatible Pokémon.

In battles, Lucario’s effectiveness with Aura Sphere is undeniable. This special Fighting-type move has a base power of 80 and perfect accuracy, making it a formidable attack. It never misses its target and is especially effective against Fighting-type Pokémon. However, it is not effective against Normal, Ice, and Dark-types.

Lucario’s eligibility to learn Aura Sphere depends on the game version and the level at which it evolves from Riolu. In some games, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through leveling up, while in others, it can also be taught using a TM or through breeding. It is important to consider these conditions when planning Lucario’s moveset for battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lucario learn Aura Sphere in any other way besides leveling up?

Yes, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere through alternative methods besides leveling up. Other Pokémon can also learn Aura Sphere through TM or breeding. This provides more flexibility in teaching the move to different Pokémon.

What is the base power of Aura Sphere?

Using the power of Aura Sphere is like wielding a polished blade, honed to perfection. Its base power in Pokémon games is 80, making it a formidable move. With its perfect accuracy, it’s a reliable choice for taking down opponents weak to Fighting-type moves.

Is Aura Sphere a physical or special move?

Aura Sphere is a special move, not affected by type matchups. Lucario’s ability, Adaptability, doubles the power of Aura Sphere. This makes it even more potent against Pokémon weak to Fighting-type moves.

Can Lucario learn Aura Sphere before evolving from Riolu?

Yes, Lucario can learn Aura Sphere before evolving from Riolu. To teach Lucario Aura Sphere pre-evolution, you can use TM or breed with a compatible Pokémon. This move can greatly impact battles and enhance Lucario’s moveset.

Are there any specific Pokémon that Aura Sphere is not effective against?

While Aura Sphere is a powerful move, there are certain Pokémon types that are resistant to it. Ghost, Fairy, and Flying-types are resistant to Fighting moves, so they can withstand Aura Sphere. To counter Aura Sphere, utilizing Pokémon with high Special Defense or using moves that can lower Lucario’s Special Attack can be effective strategies.


In conclusion, Lucario’s Aura Sphere is a powerful move that can be learned through various methods. Whether it’s reaching the required level, using TM19 in Pokémon Sword and Shield, or breeding with a compatible Pokémon, there are multiple ways to unlock Lucario’s true potential.

Aura Sphere’s perfect accuracy and base power of 80 make it a formidable move, especially against Fighting-type Pokémon. However, not all Lucario can learn Aura Sphere, so it’s important to meet the specific eligibility criteria.

The anticipation of discovering if your Lucario can unleash this devastating move adds an exciting element to the game.

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