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Obtaining Warframe Aura Mods: Ways, Popular Mods, And Compatibility




An image showcasing a Tenno equipped with a variety of Warframe Aura Mods, surrounded by a diverse array of shimmering energy auras, each representing a popular mod, highlighting their compatibility and acquisition methods

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Imagine yourself on the battlefield, surrounded by enemies. Your Warframe, your ultimate weapon, is at its limit, but you need that extra boost to overcome the odds. That’s where Warframe Aura mods come in.

These powerful mods provide crucial benefits to you and your squad, from energy sustain to health regeneration. In this article, I will guide you through the various ways to obtain these aura mods, highlight some popular choices, and help you understand their compatibility with your Warframe.

Get ready to enhance your Warframe’s potential like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • Ways to obtain Warframe Aura Mods include completing missions, trading with other players, purchasing from Baro Ki’Teer, and receiving them as rewards.
  • Popular Aura Mods include Corrosive Projection, Energy Siphon, Rejuvenation, Steel Charge, and Speed Holster.
  • Each squad member can only equip one aura mod and they cannot be stacked.
  • Energy Siphon is recommended for new players to maintain energy supply and Rejuvenation is a great choice to keep squad health up.

Ways to Obtain

I can obtain Warframe aura mods through various methods. One way is by completing missions on specific nodes in the Star Chart. Another option is trading with other players or purchasing them from Baro Ki’Teer when he visits the relays. Aura mods can also be received as rewards from events or alerts, as well as login rewards.

Aura mods play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of my Warframe and benefiting the entire squad. Some popular aura mods include Corrosive Projection, which reduces enemy armor, Energy Siphon, which regenerates energy for all squad members, and Rejuvenation, which regenerates squad health.

As a new player, I highly recommend equipping Energy Siphon to maintain a steady supply of energy during missions. Additionally, Rejuvenation is a great choice to keep the squad’s health up. It’s important to note that aura mods cannot be stacked, and each squad member can only equip one.

Furthermore, aura mods can be traded with other players for different mods or in-game currency. To ensure compatibility, I need to match the polarity symbol on the aura mod card with the polarity slot of my Warframe.

Specific Nodes

Upon venturing into specific nodes in the vast Star Chart, a treasure trove of Warframe aura mods awaits, ready to enhance your power and aid you in battle. Here are three specific nodes where you can obtain these valuable mods:

  1. Ophelia (Uranus): Completing missions in this Grineer Sealab tileset can reward you with aura mods. Keep an eye out for the Defense, Survival, and Excavation missions.

  2. Berehynia (Sedna): Located in the Grineer Shipyard, this Interception mission is known for its high drop rate of aura mods. Coordinate with your squad to capture and hold multiple points to increase your chances.

  3. Draco (Ceres): This Infested Defense mission is another great spot to find aura mods. Fight off waves of Infested enemies while keeping your eyes peeled for those valuable rewards.

By exploring these nodes and completing missions, you can acquire the aura mods you need to strengthen your Warframe and dominate the battlefield. Good luck, Tenno!

Trading with Players

To trade with other players for aura mods, I use the in-game trading system. It allows me to exchange mods or in-game currency with other players. Trading with players is a great way to acquire specific aura mods that I may not have obtained through other means. It’s a way to connect with the Warframe community and build relationships with other players. The trading system is easy to use, and I can browse through the available mods that other players are offering for trade. I can also negotiate and communicate with the players to reach a fair trade. It’s a rewarding experience to find the aura mods I need and help others by trading the mods they are looking for.

Aura Mod Rarity Desired Trade
Corrosive Projection Rare Looking for: Energy Siphon or Rejuvenation
Energy Siphon Uncommon Looking for: Steel Charge or Speed Holster
Rejuvenation Uncommon Looking for: Corrosive Projection or Steel Charge

Trading with other players not only helps me expand my collection of aura mods but also fosters a sense of community within the game.

Baro KiTeer Visits

When Baro KiTeer visits the relays, players have the opportunity to purchase aura mods from him. It’s always exciting to see what he brings with him each time! Here are a few things to know about Baro KiTeer visits and purchasing aura mods from him:

  1. Limited availability: Baro KiTeer’s visits are not permanent, so it’s important to check the Warframe news or in-game announcements to know when he will be appearing.

  2. Rotating stock: Baro KiTeer’s inventory changes with each visit, so you never know which aura mods he will have available. Sometimes he brings rare or exclusive mods that are highly sought after.

  3. Ducats and credits: To purchase aura mods from Baro KiTeer, you will need a combination of ducats and credits. Ducats can be obtained by selling prime parts to the Void Trader kiosks, and credits are the in-game currency.

  4. Plan ahead: It’s a good idea to plan ahead and save up ducats and credits for Baro KiTeer’s visits, especially if there are specific aura mods you’re looking to acquire. Keep an eye out for his arrival and make sure to visit him at the relay to browse his offerings.

Remember, Baro KiTeer’s visits are limited, so take advantage of the opportunity to expand your aura mod collection when he arrives!

Event Rewards

During events, I eagerly await the rewards that can include rare and valuable aura mods. These events provide a great opportunity to obtain aura mods that may not be easily accessible through other means.

The rewards are often based on participation and performance in the event, so it’s important to give it your all. The aura mods that can be obtained from events can greatly enhance your Warframe’s abilities and overall effectiveness in missions.

Some of these mods may even be exclusive to certain events, making them even more desirable. It’s always exciting to see what aura mods are up for grabs during events, and I make sure to participate in as many as possible to increase my chances of obtaining these valuable mods.

Login Rewards

Now let’s talk about another way to obtain Warframe aura mods: Login Rewards. As a dedicated Tenno, logging in daily can grant you various rewards, including these valuable mods. Aura mods have a chance to appear in the daily login rewards pool, allowing you to enhance your Warframe’s capabilities.

To make it easier for you to understand, here’s a table showcasing some of the possible aura mods you can obtain through login rewards:

Aura Mod Effect
Energy Siphon Regenerates energy for all squad members
Rejuvenation Regenerates squad health
Corrosive Projection Reduces enemy armor
Steel Charge Increases melee damage
Speed Holster Increases holster and reload speed

These mods can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, providing sustain, health regeneration, and damage boosts. Remember, each Warframe has a different polarity slot, so make sure the polarity symbol on the mod card matches the slot to maximize compatibility. Keep logging in regularly, and you might just be rewarded with a powerful aura mod to strengthen your arsenal.

Popular Mods

One of my favorite mods is Energy Siphon. It regenerates energy for all squad members. This mod is incredibly useful, especially in missions where energy management is crucial. It provides a steady flow of energy, allowing me to use my Warframe’s abilities more frequently and effectively.

Whether I’m playing as a damage-dealing frame or a support frame, Energy Siphon ensures that I always have the energy I need to contribute to the mission. It’s a must-have mod for any Warframe player, especially for new players who may struggle with energy sustain.

By equipping Energy Siphon, I can focus on the action and not worry about running out of energy. It’s a game-changer and a mod I highly recommend.

Corrosive Projection

I really appreciate the benefits of using Corrosive Projection, as it significantly reduces enemy armor and allows me and my squad to deal more damage. This aura mod is highly valuable when facing heavily armored enemies, as it weakens their defenses and makes them more vulnerable to our attacks. With Corrosive Projection equipped, our squad’s overall damage output increases, making it easier to take down tough enemies.

Here’s a table showcasing the effects of Corrosive Projection at different aura mod ranks:

Aura Mod Rank Enemy Armor Reduction
0 18%
1 27%
2 36%
3 45%

As you can see, the higher the aura mod rank, the greater the reduction in enemy armor. This makes Corrosive Projection an essential mod to have, especially in high-level missions where enemy armor becomes a significant obstacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can aura mods be upgraded or forma’d?

No, aura mods cannot be upgraded or forma’d. They are standalone mods that provide their specific benefits without any additional modifications. So, you can’t increase their stats or change their effects through upgrades.

Are there any aura mods that increase squad armor or shield?

No, there are currently no aura mods in Warframe that specifically increase squad armor or shields. Aura mods primarily focus on providing energy regeneration, health regeneration, or damage bonuses.

Can you equip multiple aura mods on different loadouts for the same Warframe?

No, you cannot equip multiple aura mods on different loadouts for the same Warframe. Each Warframe can only have one aura mod equipped at a time, which affects the entire squad.

How many different polarity slots are available for aura mods?

There is only one polarity slot available for aura mods on each Warframe. This slot determines the compatibility between the aura mod and the Warframe. The polarity symbol on the mod card should match the polarity slot of the Warframe.

Are there any Warframes that have a default polarity slot for aura mods?

Yes, there are Warframes that have a default polarity slot for aura mods. Some examples include Trinity, Oberon, and Nidus. These Warframes have a dash polarity slot, which is compatible with several popular aura mods.


In conclusion, obtaining Warframe aura mods is essential for enhancing your gameplay experience. Whether it’s through completing missions, trading with other players, or acquiring them from special events, there are various ways to obtain these valuable mods.

Popular aura mods like Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon can greatly impact your squad’s effectiveness on the battlefield. Just remember to match the polarity symbol with your Warframe’s slot for optimal compatibility.

So, gear up, trade wisely, and let these aura mods shine a light on your Warframe journey.

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